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What is Disc Golf Boxes?

Disc Golf Boxes is a subscription box company for Disc Golf.  It is owned and operated by Disc Golfers FOR Disc Golfers.  The box is a way for you to not only get some sweet plastic each and every month, but also a way for your to receive and try a disc you may have never tried before.  It is a way to branch out within a certain brand or a variety of brands, you can choose!   These boxes also will come with some SWEET swag to help you sport disc golf in a new way.   

When you sign up for your box, you will be able to choose which brand, stability, color, weight etc that you prefer.  We can't guarantee the color and weight, but will do our best to meet your needs.

We focus on providing the highest quality discs to meet your needs.   We put a larger emphasis on the discs than the swag. The Swag is sweet, but the discs are what matters more!

How It Works

1. Choose your box size

We have 3 sizes to pick from!

2. Lets us know what you like

Complete a short survey so we know exactly what you like.  Pick the Brand, Stability, Color, Weight, etc.

3. Enjoy!

It will feel like Christmas each and every month!

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Our boxes, depending on the size you pick will have between 2-6 premium plastic discs.... unless it is a First Run or Proto (We like to throw those in everyonce in a while).   We offer all the brands listed to the left.  You can pick 1 brand that you would like or Surprise me with a brand.   You can update your preferences each month in case you wanted to try out a different brand.  You will also receive 1-4 Swag items, these include stickers, koozies, sunglasses, minis, picos, keychains, patches, etc.  


What people say about Disc Golf Boxes

Received my first box this morning. Super ecstatic with the new discs. Can't wait to hit the course with the new discs, swag and shades. 

Alex  - Fort Rucker, AL  

Need to give A++++ rating to Disc Golf Boxes for the speedy, and awesome box of amazing Trilogy Plastic that was sent to me. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience. 

Dave - New Albany, OH

I decided to try the Par box from Disc Golf Boxes and I was 110% satisfied.  I am going to monthly for sure.  I also love that I can give info on my disc golf likes and dislikes.  This would also be an awesome gift for any disc golfer. 

Matt - Columbus, GA

 Couldn't be happier with y'all. Looking forward to being a long time customer  - Daniel H. 

I loved the discs and I'm glad they both came in purple.  - Brandon P

 This was my first box so I was impressed with the discs that I received love the sticker can't wait for next one!   - Mark B

 Honestly, you guys over there hit the nail on the head. I loved my first par box. I split it with my friend who wanted to try it out. Now we are planning on getting a birdie or even an ace box to see what those awesome boxes have in store. Thanks again guys! Keep up the good work.👍  - Morris C

 I loved everything I got in my box and especially the free mini I got with it. The next box I will be upgrading to the birdie box so I can get more disc surprises, thanks again! - Clinton J

 Love the Discs I received! My package also came with a Disc Golf Boxes mini marker and a sticker of the state of Louisiana (where I live) with a basket incorporated in it. Very pleased with the entire package!  - Adam C

Really enjoying my first couple boxes. Actually received two molds I hadn't thrown before so I'm excited for those. I also have gotten many compliments on my new Texas disc golf sticker that I've proudly placed on my truck window! Love what you folks provide - John T

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