Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DGB box?

 The box is a way for you to not only get some sweet plastic each and every month, but also a way for your to receive and try a disc you may have never tried before.  It is a way to branch out within a certain brand or a variety of brands, you can choose!   These boxes also will come with some SWEET swag to help you sport disc golf in a new way.    Depending on the box you select, you will receive 2-6 PREMIUM PLASTIC discs and some sweet swag!

How does it work?

Its Easy!  Once you sign up, there is nothing else you need to do!   Each month on the 24th your subscription will renew.   You then just wait for your monthly box to arrive.

Is there a commitment or contract?

Absolutely NOT!  Who wants one of those?   You can cancel at anytime before your subscription renews.  Its not a hard process like some, give us a call, email or login to your account.   Couple clicks and you are done.

Can I give a DBG box as a gift?

Absolutely!!  If you have a friend, spouse, relative, or anyone that LOVES Disc Golf and want to WOW them with the BEST gift you could ever give them?  If so,  Sign them up for a box!!  You can choose for the gift to renew or be a 1 month gift.

Are you ready to subscribe to DGB?