What is Disc Golf Boxes?

Welcome to Disc Golf Boxes, the ultimate subscription service crafted by disc golf enthusiasts, for disc golf enthusiasts. Our mission is to enrich your disc golf experience by delivering premium discs and exclusive swag directly to your doorstep each month.

At Disc Golf Boxes, we understand the thrill of discovering new discs and the excitement of broadening your horizons within the sport. That's why our boxes are designed to offer both familiar favorites and unexpected gems, allowing you to explore a wide range of brands and styles according to your preferences.

When you subscribe to our service, you gain the freedom to customize your box by selecting your preferred brand, stability, color, and weight. While we strive to meet your specific requests for color and weight, our primary focus remains on providing top-quality discs that enhance your game.

While the swag in each box is undeniably cool, we prioritize the discs because we know that's what truly matters to you. Join us on this journey and let Disc Golf Boxes be your gateway to a more exciting and fulfilling disc golf experience.

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